WOKE! How to weaponize a simple word!


Watch your back. Watch your 6. Make a hole. Heads up. Stay up. Stay woke!

The above idioms, mean virtually the same thing. Be Alert. Be Aware.

In Alcoholic Anonymous, they commonly use the phrase, “awareness is our greatest asset”.

Depending on where you are, being alert, may have different connotations.

If you’re in the Navy, make a hole means, clear a path for people coming through. Watch your six means, watch your back in all military. In sports, Heads Up means, a ball is in the air and is on its way down. In the urban streets, Stay Up means, watch for a rival gang, or police. Being woke simply means be clear on what someone is saying.

Rachel Maddow always ends some of her commentaries, with this phrase. “Watch what they do, not what they say” .

So how did the word “WOKE”, become a symbol on the Right, primarily by Republicans, as some diabolical evil cultist regime on the Left?

I don’t have a damn clue! Because I’m not privy to right-wing nut Job jargon.

It appears that only the people on the Right, MAGA type, can truly decipher it’s mythological meaning.

To some on the Left it just means staying aware of something happening. Being aware of insidious trappings of institutionalized racism or bigotry. To the rest of the world it means “not asleep”

The Don Quixote of the “War against nothing” is Ron DeSantis.

He appears to be using the word, woke, as a rally cry for what Hillary called, “despicable people” .

When asked what Woke means from the people, DeSantis is trying to target, you’ll get a word salad, which sounds something like, “CRT, Trans grooming, children, with a socialist agenda.”

Republican pundits, Fox News shills, and prime time host, repeating the same words maybe in different order.

Yet, none can give a clear definition of what it means. All they know, that it’s part of the the bat shit crazy seasoning, they put on RED MEAT! White youth picked up the term and took it home, using it against their parents, bigotry. Then these parents could now accuse, the Left of indoctrinating their children. Finally Republican strategist, would suggest to GOP politicians, to use the word in a way, to “Own the libs.”

It’s a tried and true political tactic as old as politics. It is dangerous, but mostly it’s ignorant.

The people susceptible to be angry to the word “Woke”, need to wake up to the fact, the only thing they are pissed at, is a god damn word.

I’m really woke as fuck now.

I hope you are too.


Diversity creates peace.

In 1973, while in the Navy I was taught a very valuable lesson. The pitfalls of living in a segregated society.

Being black, the only white people I came in contact with, growing up, were teachers, police, merchants, people I saw on TV.

The Navy was first time, I came in contact with the “melting pot” that America was. Asians, Europeans, South Americans. I was introduced to different music, different cultures, different food. I also began to make, many dear friends, of other races religions and cultures.

But sadly I also was introduced to the prejudices, other races had for, other people and other cultures, including crude jokes.

Once I was working with some guys and one told a joke regarding Italians. The joke went something like this, “why are Italians like flat tires? Because flat tires go w*p w*p w*p”.

I think I had heard Italians referred to by that name in movies and TV shows. I did not understand the real meaning or how offensive that word was.

I had a real close friend who was of Italian heritage. I made the big mistake of repeating that joke to him. He stood up and angrily walked away. I didn’t understand why he was angry so the next time I saw him I asked him, “Why did you get mad”?

He said “Gordon, the word w*p is a bad name to call Italians. It’s like calling a black man the n-word!”

I was shocked. I didn’t understand that the word was offensive.

I apologized and thankfully he accepted my apology.

A couple of years later I was in a situation, some type of training. I was with a diverse group of men I did not know.

During a break, as young men do we began joking around. A very young man from the Midwest, told a joke that ended in the N-word.

Everyone in the room including the white guys and especially the blacks got angry for what he had said.

I’ve recognized the shocked, confused look on his face and he began to apologize and say ‘He didn’t know it was offensive’. Where he came from everyone used the word, since he was a toddler.

The other black guys wanted to attack him physically. That’s when I stepped in and told my story regarding the flat tire joke.

It would be difficult today for someone to say they didn’t know, a word was offensive to one race or another culture, but back in the early ’70s, America was in the beginning of people of all races and cultures mixing together. It wasn’t until integration began 15 years earlier the bridges from one culture to another were beginning to be created.

I once remember while in Hawaii, a Jewish guy, began to tell the story of the “Fiddler on the Roof. By the end of the evening he had everybody in that room Whites, black, Asians, Hispanics, singing and dancing to the songs from that film. It was one of the most remarkable days of my life.

Recently I heard someone from Ron DeSantis administration say, “Diversity causes Division”. I was amazed to hear someone from the United States of America say such a thing. It was a true oxymoron. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Only through sharing each other’s lives cultures, religions beliefs, people get a full understanding of each other. It lowers the threat level. Through my mistake of misunderstanding, I was able to teach others.

Violence was diverted.

Fear causes division. Not diversity.

🦇💩 Crazy GOP Primary

Orange chaos in the center of maddness!

In 2016, the Republican primary candidates, were your standard establishment politicians. All geared to run a standard campaign about, government spending, government being too big, more money for defense and less money for social security and entitlements.

Many were veterans of presidential campaigns in the past and had coffers full of money, ready for the race, to run against the most hated Democrat in America at that time, Hillary Clinton.

Then suddenly a man came down an escalator, started throwing feces on the walls, jumping from table to table yelling at the top of his lungs throwing furniture across the room. (Sarcasm)

His name was Donald J Trump.

Trump was the outlier, the one that didn’t fit and the one who seemed to be the easiest to beat in this lineup of, clean cut, well spoken, men and women to get the Republican nomination for the general election.

Donald Trump took the low road. He became the most disgusting, ignorant, drug fueled, racist misogynist, Xenophobic, presidential candidate in recent American history. Yet he won the nomination and eventually the presidency.

In 2020 Trump ran unopposed, He continued his political monkey show alone. Many have accused him of leading a political coup, after his apparent loss to current President Joe Biden.

Trump has already thrown his hat into the political ring, for the White House in 2024. This time he will not be the outlier. He will be the standard. So instead of one deranged, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, crazy fool trying to get the Republican nomination there will be a whole lot of them. Possibly dozens. The theme will be, “Cruelity is the reason”.

It will be an interesting revolting, painful, entertaining primary.

The only bastion that we will have to guard against this horde of resentment, anger and ridiculousness is the national news media. Yet I have no faith in the national news. Instead of looking for the peaceful transfer of power in this country and having a person qualified to be President of the United States, they will only be looking at the bottom line. Who can make the most money off of the bat shit crazy Republican primary and general.

God help us all.

Peter Do you Love Me?

I am not a religious man, I know today, religion was invented, as a way to control the masses. The main tool, was fear.

Yet, I read the Bible, and found many interesting stories. One revealed an answer to an aged old question, ‘What is God’s will?’

John 21:15-16, Jesus asked Peter a repeated question. “Peter do you love me?” Three times he interrogated, him with the same question. Each time Peter affirmed his love for Christ, Jesus replied with these request, Feed and take care of his Sheep and Lambs.

When I read this passage as a believer, I was confused, but when I read passage as an agnostic, it became clear.

God’s will for us all is to cooperate and help each other. It’s also safe to believe, love one another.

So the greatest gift any one can give me is to do God’s will, universe’s will, higher power’s will, whom ever you choose and cooperate and care for each other.

What is the greatest gift someone could give you?


On election day in 2020, Donald Trump would not concede the election to Joe Biden.

Thus began, the invention of the Big Lie.

Immediately the news media, dominated the press and air waves with, Donald Trump’s false narrative, that Joe Biden and the Democrats had stole the election. That they somehow created votes that didn’t exist.

It was no surprise to anyone that most of the votes, Donald Trump claimed were stolen or manipulated, were in Black communities in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. He also claimed that votes were manufactured in Arizona, but it was unclear on what race or type of people were involved because blacks are a very small demographic in Arizona.

On January 6th 2021, it’s obvious to any intelligent person, that Donald Trump lead a mob on the US Capitol, which threatened the lives, of vice President Mike pence and speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi along with other members of the house and Senate gathered to accept reconization of the U.S. electoral votes, confirming Joe Biden as president of the United States.

Instead of widespread condemnation of this act, many of the MAGA Republicans began to rally around Trump and his Big Lie.

They threatened to win big during the midterm 2022 elections. Most of all the red States began to implement laws to suppress voting.

About 130 Republican candidates, all election deniers. Their aim was to destroy democracy and make sure that no Democrat candidates would ever win election again.

With Joe Biden’s low approval rating, high inflation, high gas prices, the medias constant broadcasting of the Big Lie, the poll numbers, it looked like the 2020 election deniers could possibly win both houses, with an overwhelming majority.

Miraculously, just like in 1814, during the War of 1812, a tornado, halted the take over of Washington D.C., by British troops.

This time it was a BLUE TORNADO, that saved America. mostly fueled by consequence. The Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe.

Americans didn’t buy the Big Lie. There were enough intelligent and informed electorate, to vote en masse, defeat, MAGA candidates. None of election deniers won.

One more thing for the record.

As a black American, I do have a secret list, of things worth going to jail for. Last on the list, even if it’s on the list at all is, VOTER FRAUD!!!

Vin Scully: A calming voice in my life.

It’s 1966. Malcom X has been assassinated. Watts riot is a year in the past. It’s a warm summer night, in Compton CA. Problems at home, teen peer pressure. Minimum wage $1.25
White backlash because of civil rights passage begins.
I’m lying on my back, on a a quilted blanket. Staring at the stars. Tension is everywhere.
Then on my small transistor radio, a calm, mellow, soothing, voice fills the air.
“It’s time for Dodger Baseball”.
All my problems slip away.
I smile.
That was the effect Vin Scully had me. He was the master of calling a baseball game and educating his listeners at the same time.
Another icon, gone. RIP Vin.


Check this out.
A 10 yo girl WAS raped.
Her rapist did confess and is in jail.
The child had to leave Ohio and go to Indiana, because, GOP Ohio Gov. signed EXCECUTIVE ORDER, forcing her to carry baby full term. The doctor who performed abortion is now being investigated in Indiana, where it’s still legal to have abortion. The crazy part REPUBLICANS SAY IT WAS A LIE.
It’s 💯 percent true.
Please miss me, with talk about inflation and gas prices. Somethings are more important.

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