Vin Scully: A calming voice in my life.

It’s 1966. Malcom X has been assassinated. Watts riot is a year in the past. It’s a warm summer night, in Compton CA. Problems at home, teen peer pressure. Minimum wage $1.25
White backlash because of civil rights passage begins.
I’m lying on my back, on a a quilted blanket. Staring at the stars. Tension is everywhere.
Then on my small transistor radio, a calm, mellow, soothing, voice fills the air.
“It’s time for Dodger Baseball”.
All my problems slip away.
I smile.
That was the effect Vin Scully had me. He was the master of calling a baseball game and educating his listeners at the same time.
Another icon, gone. RIP Vin.


Check this out.
A 10 yo girl WAS raped.
Her rapist did confess and is in jail.
The child had to leave Ohio and go to Indiana, because, GOP Ohio Gov. signed EXCECUTIVE ORDER, forcing her to carry baby full term. The doctor who performed abortion is now being investigated in Indiana, where it’s still legal to have abortion. The crazy part REPUBLICANS SAY IT WAS A LIE.
It’s 💯 percent true.
Please miss me, with talk about inflation and gas prices. Somethings are more important.

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I once had a quest, who visited for the first time, place his feet on my coffee table. After the event started, a basketball game on TV began, he removed his feet from my table.

The next time he was invited to watch another game, he did it again.

At that point I said “Dude, please don’t put your feet on my coffee table”. His response was, ” You didn’t say nothing when I was over here before”.

That is when I learned, to a lot of people SILENCE IS APPROVAL. Staring, clearing your throat, does not deliver the message of disapproval.

Even tough the victims of the Buffalo Massacre, were black, white supremacy is a white American problem.

If you’re white and are upset about racist attacks on blacks and other minorities, or marginalized groups like the LGBTQ community, don’t tell them, tell your white neighbor or co-worker. Your Uncle Joe who watches Fox News.

They’re the ones that need to know how you feel. They’re the ones who need to know you disapprove of racism and bigotry. White people need to have this discussion among themselves.

Most of the terrorist acts committed in the United States were done by white men. That includes January 6th.

White people have to come up with a solution for the attacks., and then put into action. The first place to start is the ballot box.


What I FEARED has started. Regarding #TheSlapHeardAroundTheWorld.
A Right Wing Nut Job compared Will Smith. to all the people who attacked Capitol on #Jan6.
One comment online said, “Didn’t Oscars start in Compton? Well it ended in Compton too.
I went from extreme pride to see the city I came to age in honored, to extreme embarrassment, watching a black man, loved and respected act like a thug. It hurts.
Before I go any further I’m talking about MY FEELINGS, not anyone who might disagree.
I know Smith was attempting to honor his wife. No doubt. But he missed his chance to defend her at the podium. In a respectful way. He could have made Chris Rock look like an ass. Instead Rock looks like the bigger man, because he didn’t retaliate.
Rock, his career immediately blew up. Smith now has to restart and rebuild his.
I was watching a series on Disney Channel about the Earth, hosted by Smith.
Two things I have learned in my old age. I may not be able to control my emotions but I can control my choice. When you find yourself in a bad situation. Take the smart way out.

The Changing Disguise of Racism.

After the election of Obama. There was this consensus among many that America had become “Post Racial”.

My reply to those who would agree, was, “Racism never leaves America, it just chances its disguise.”

Proof, is the complaint from the racist Right regarding, Critical Race Theory (CRT).

As I watched Marsha Blackburn’s, idiotic rant on CRT, during the confirmation hearing of Kentaji Brown Jackson, I thought ‘Where have I heard this before?’

It was George Wallace and his infamous “Segregation forever” speech.

Racism is an old mass of of foul, putrid, cyst pus, that drips out of the ‘Arm pit ‘ of America, the former Confederate States. It has infected other states in America, but not to the extent as the South.

Racist know that the ugly, grotesque rhetoric, of racism can’t be displayed as it was in the past. So they fix it up, kinda like putting lipstick on a pig, and present it in an ‘intellectual manner’. Talk about an oxymoron!

They truly believe that, reasonable Americans, won’t detect the foul stench and horrible image of racism.

There will always be racism and racist in America, as long as fear of diversity exist in America.

The only way it has no effect, is when these racist pieces of 💩, stop being elected to office.


In every wargame scenario a conventional war with Russia will result in nuclear exchange.
In the first hour of nuclear exchange with Russia 140 million Americans will die and 100 million Russians will perish.
A possible 100 Ballistic misses can be launched by both side. Each carrying 80 nuclear warheads. That’s 8000 warheads. Each traveling to a specific military target or city.
If you are in a city that is a target, let’s say like downtown Los Angeles,
those at ground zero, will see a blue light, seconds later they will be ashes. All the buildings from City Hall in a 5 mile radius will become dust. A shock wave will travel 15 to 20 mile radius, at 750 miles per hour, destroying buildings and occupants.
In a 30 to 100 mile radius those who survive the initial blast, will be poisoned by radiation, unless they are treated at a decontamination station.
It gets worse.
The blast causes a EMP blast that will knock out all electricity. Food and water will be contaminated. 240 million bodies will take a while to clean up disease, illness, hunger will be prevalent. No hospitals.
All that debris from a world wide nuclear war will go up in the atmosphere. BLOCKING OUT THE SUN FOR A HUNDRED YEARS!
The second Ice Age in human history.
In other words, end of the world as we know it.
(I was taught this information at WAR College in Coronado, while in the Navy)

What if Content of Character is racist?

Let’s keep 💯!
Certain people are weaponizing MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech to support racist voting laws and practices in America.
Yes King said, we should judge people “by the content of their character”.
Well, guess what?
I you support Trump, the content of of your character is racist. If you think Critical Race Theory, is a problem the content of your character is racist. If you want black people to suffer in order to vote, same thing.
SO MISS ME WITH THAT 🐂💩 of quoting MLK to support your racist azz views.
Right now, blacks have less voting rights than we did in 1965!


Movie images of black males, when I was growing up as a young child, were unflattering at best and humumilating at worst. People like Stepin Fetchit, Eddie Rochester. Characters like Amos and Andy and a compilation of subservient butler’s, chauffeurs and cooks. Men with artificial smiles and bucked eyes. Slaves in movies like, Huckleberry Finn.
My role models had to be John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster and the like, in order to get some idea, what a strong male character was like.
Then came the movie “Lillies of the Field’ staring Sir Sidney Poitier.
A strong, independent, intelligent black man. Coming to the rescue of “damsels in distress”. Determined, with great odds, against him, to complete, a noble task.
The neighborhood theater, The Manchester Theater, in Los Angeles was about 2 blocks from my home. I saw Lillies of the Field, 10 times at least.
Because I needed to study, how a positive black role model behaved. A standard I set for myself personally. I had seen The Defiant Ones. The problem there, as poweful as Poitier’s character was, he was still a convict.
I also got a lesson from him on what “class” meant.
I thank you Sir Sidney Poitier, on behalf of all babyboomer, black males. For showing us, we didn’t have to Express ourselves through subservient buffoonery behavior to be accepted by Society. Rest in peace Knight.

Manchin and Sinema. Human Monkey Wrenches!

The old proverbial monkey wrench.

If monkey wrenches were human, their names would be Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema.

When a monkey wrench is dropped into the gears of a fine tuned machine, it will wreck the machine.

It’s misfortune if one is dropped accidentally, yet it is criminal when one is dropped on purpose.

Manchin and Sinema are the later.

The majority of Americans like what’s in the #BuildBackBetterBill (BBB) and the #VotingRightsAct. (VRA)

Joe Biden ran on those policies, and it was presumed Democrats in Washington DC, would support the president.

Unlike Republicans, Dems don’t fall in line, but it was also presumed, after reasonable debate, they could come to a compromise and do what was necessary to vote both bills into law.

BUT NOPE! It’s not going to happen.

Why? Because the Republican party and their billionaire benefactors, found two weak links in the Dems chain, and exploited them.

The reasons both refuse to support the legislation are illogical and doesn’t pass the smell test.

Joe Manchin is so full of 💩 the whites in his eyes are brown. He says he can’t support BBB bill because, he can’t “explain” it to the people in West Virginia.

Says the man who is afraid to have a townhall and voters have to talk to him, while he is on his yacht.


He can’t explain it to his rich corporate donors.

Kyrsten Sinema says she can’t support tweaking the Filibuster to pass VRA legislation. Her reason? She’s afraid Republicans will do the same, when they take over the Senate.


Either she is a complete idiot or getting paid a lot of money. Both are possible in my opinion.

What really ticks me off, not only is President Biden’s agenda in jeopardy, but democracy it self may be destroyed.

I know a lot of voters, especially black voters are tired of hearing “this is the most important election in history”, in an attempt to motivate them to vote.

But truth is truth. Every election cycle, the Republicans get more radical, racist, xenophobic and insane, it’s the truth.

In 2022 and 2024 these elections will determine if America is actually “WE THE PEOPLE” or the best country, Money can buy.