GOP-Ticking Time Bomb!

There is a large segment of the Republican party, who have facist views. The best example of a facist government is Nazi Germany, 1933-1945. As a result of policies behind a crazed maniacal man, it resulted in the death of 50 MILLION people world wide, about 20 million killed in murder camps, which consisted of Jews and other minorty groups, gay’s among them.
I listen and read news daily. I have studied history about 60 years.
The trend I see in the Republican party is horrifying. Their leader, Trump is reported to say “Hitler did a lot of good things”. No one is surprised.
The GOP are creating laws, to make it possible, to OVERTURN, elections in states they control.
Their representatives in congress are dismantling government and Congressional rules to make it easy to return Trump to power! If that happens GOD HELP US ALL!!
The only defense is a well informed electorate that will truly understand the difference between a party of HATE and a party that believes in the rule of law.

Published by marblesmind

Freelance journalist, Studied journalism at LACC. Former Member of Los Angeles Press Club. 1975. 6 year Navy Vet, during Vietnam. Last 3 years Naval Intelligence unit.

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