Manchin and Sinema. Human Monkey Wrenches!

The old proverbial monkey wrench.

If monkey wrenches were human, their names would be Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema.

When a monkey wrench is dropped into the gears of a fine tuned machine, it will wreck the machine.

It’s misfortune if one is dropped accidentally, yet it is criminal when one is dropped on purpose.

Manchin and Sinema are the later.

The majority of Americans like what’s in the #BuildBackBetterBill (BBB) and the #VotingRightsAct. (VRA)

Joe Biden ran on those policies, and it was presumed Democrats in Washington DC, would support the president.

Unlike Republicans, Dems don’t fall in line, but it was also presumed, after reasonable debate, they could come to a compromise and do what was necessary to vote both bills into law.

BUT NOPE! It’s not going to happen.

Why? Because the Republican party and their billionaire benefactors, found two weak links in the Dems chain, and exploited them.

The reasons both refuse to support the legislation are illogical and doesn’t pass the smell test.

Joe Manchin is so full of đź’© the whites in his eyes are brown. He says he can’t support BBB bill because, he can’t “explain” it to the people in West Virginia.

Says the man who is afraid to have a townhall and voters have to talk to him, while he is on his yacht.


He can’t explain it to his rich corporate donors.

Kyrsten Sinema says she can’t support tweaking the Filibuster to pass VRA legislation. Her reason? She’s afraid Republicans will do the same, when they take over the Senate.


Either she is a complete idiot or getting paid a lot of money. Both are possible in my opinion.

What really ticks me off, not only is President Biden’s agenda in jeopardy, but democracy it self may be destroyed.

I know a lot of voters, especially black voters are tired of hearing “this is the most important election in history”, in an attempt to motivate them to vote.

But truth is truth. Every election cycle, the Republicans get more radical, racist, xenophobic and insane, it’s the truth.

In 2022 and 2024 these elections will determine if America is actually “WE THE PEOPLE” or the best country, Money can buy.

Published by marblesmind

Freelance journalist, Studied journalism at LACC. Former Member of Los Angeles Press Club. 1975. 6 year Navy Vet, during Vietnam. Last 3 years Naval Intelligence unit.

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