What I FEARED has started. Regarding #TheSlapHeardAroundTheWorld.
A Right Wing Nut Job compared Will Smith. to all the people who attacked Capitol on #Jan6.
One comment online said, “Didn’t Oscars start in Compton? Well it ended in Compton too.
I went from extreme pride to see the city I came to age in honored, to extreme embarrassment, watching a black man, loved and respected act like a thug. It hurts.
Before I go any further I’m talking about MY FEELINGS, not anyone who might disagree.
I know Smith was attempting to honor his wife. No doubt. But he missed his chance to defend her at the podium. In a respectful way. He could have made Chris Rock look like an ass. Instead Rock looks like the bigger man, because he didn’t retaliate.
Rock, his career immediately blew up. Smith now has to restart and rebuild his.
I was watching a series on Disney Channel about the Earth, hosted by Smith.
Two things I have learned in my old age. I may not be able to control my emotions but I can control my choice. When you find yourself in a bad situation. Take the smart way out.


Published by marblesmind

Freelance journalist, Studied journalism at LACC. Former Member of Los Angeles Press Club. 1975. 6 year Navy Vet, during Vietnam. Last 3 years Naval Intelligence unit.

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