On election day in 2020, Donald Trump would not concede the election to Joe Biden. Thus began, the invention of the Big Lie. Immediately the news media, dominated the press and air waves with, Donald Trump’s false narrative, that Joe Biden and the Democrats had stole the election. That they somehow created votes that didn’tContinue reading “BLUE TORNADO KILLS BIG LIE.”


Vin Scully: A calming voice in my life.

It’s 1966. Malcom X has been assassinated. Watts riot is a year in the past. It’s a warm summer night, in Compton CA. Problems at home, teen peer pressure. Minimum wage $1.25White backlash because of civil rights passage begins.I’m lying on my back, on a a quilted blanket. Staring at the stars. Tension is everywhere.ThenContinue reading “Vin Scully: A calming voice in my life.”


Check this out.A 10 yo girl WAS raped.Her rapist did confess and is in jail.The child had to leave Ohio and go to Indiana, because, GOP Ohio Gov. signed EXCECUTIVE ORDER, forcing her to carry baby full term. The doctor who performed abortion is now being investigated in Indiana, where it’s still legal to haveContinue reading “GOP CREATS HORROR FOR 10 YEAR CHILD.”


What I FEARED has started. Regarding #TheSlapHeardAroundTheWorld.A Right Wing Nut Job compared Will Smith. to all the people who attacked Capitol on #Jan6.One comment online said, “Didn’t Oscars start in Compton? Well it ended in Compton too.I went from extreme pride to see the city I came to age in honored, to extreme embarrassment, watchingContinue reading “WILL SMITH AND HIS FANS LOST!”

The Changing Disguise of Racism.

After the election of Obama. There was this consensus among many that America had become “Post Racial”. My reply to those who would agree, was, “Racism never leaves America, it just chances its disguise.” Proof, is the complaint from the racist Right regarding, Critical Race Theory (CRT). As I watched Marsha Blackburn’s, idiotic rant onContinue reading “The Changing Disguise of Racism.”


WHY WAR WITH RUSSIA MUST BE AVOIDED.In every wargame scenario a conventional war with Russia will result in nuclear exchange.In the first hour of nuclear exchange with Russia 140 million Americans will die and 100 million Russians will perish.A possible 100 Ballistic misses can be launched by both side. Each carrying 80 nuclear warheads. That’sContinue reading “U.S. WAR WITH RUSSIA=DOOMSDAY”

What if Content of Character is racist?

Let’s keep 💯!Certain people are weaponizing MLK’s “I have a Dream” speech to support racist voting laws and practices in America.Yes King said, we should judge people “by the content of their character”.Well, guess what?I you support Trump, the content of of your character is racist. If you think Critical Race Theory, is a problemContinue reading “What if Content of Character is racist?”


Movie images of black males, when I was growing up as a young child, were unflattering at best and humumilating at worst. People like Stepin Fetchit, Eddie Rochester. Characters like Amos and Andy and a compilation of subservient butler’s, chauffeurs and cooks. Men with artificial smiles and bucked eyes. Slaves in movies like, Huckleberry Finn.MyContinue reading “A BLACK KNIGHT, WAS MY ROLE MODEL.”