WHY HASN’T TRUMP LEFT AMERICA? If I remember correctly, Donald Trump, was known as a international business man. Traveling the world, trying to sell his brand, his name. Mostly on Hotels. Since the 2020 election,  he mostly stays in Mar-a-lago. There was a trip to, Switzerland he reported, just before his second Impeachment, but thatContinue reading “WHY HASN’T TRUMP LEFT AMERICA?”

Trickle Down 🐂💩!

Let’s talk Economics. Walmart pays most of it’s employees minimum wage. $7.25Walnart receives Billions in tax breaks along with billions in profits.Instead of raising minimum wage standard in all states to $15, they pay out billions of dividends to their investors.As a result a major portion of their employees can’ t afford, childcare and areContinue reading “Trickle Down 🐂💩!”


Fox News Anchor Tucker Carlson. Reminds me of Joseph Goebbels!Goebbels convinced an entire nation, Germany, it had the right to exterminate Jews, as vermin.Carlson Tucker has been on a tirade lately, spouting poisonous rhetoric, against diversity and “race mixing”.In my opinion Carlson is dangerous. He knows the historic ramifications, of what he is saying.So doesContinue reading “NAZI STYLE PROPAGANDA ON CABLE NEWS”

Slipping into maddness; Donald J. Trump

Listening to the book “I alone can Fix it”.About the slipping into maddness of Donald J. Trump.This is the 5th book I’ve listen/read on this man.Of all the previous books, this is the scariest.When I compared him to Hitler I was wrong.Hitler was a saint compared to this evil, cruel, ungodly, demonic individual.Thank God forContinue reading “Slipping into maddness; Donald J. Trump”

General Milley had to become a Diplomat!

AMERICA WAS THIS CLOSE TO WAR WITH CHINA UNDER TRUMP!In the Navy I learned in first hour of nuclear war with Russia, appx 300 million people would die immediately. 140 would be a Americans. Another 200 million would be dead in 30 days from radiation poison. Most of world would die from nuclear winter andContinue reading “General Milley had to become a Diplomat!”