I don’t care what Lizz Cheney stands for politically. She deserves the Profile In Courage Award. There is a Cold Civil War in America. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It’s about lovers of the Constitution and Autocracy. PERIOD. Cheney represents the GOP I grew up with. Conservative, with a genuine belief inContinue reading “AMERICA’S COLD CIVIL WAR.”

The only way to defeat racism is with solidarity of minorities.

History lesson.If there is a blight on the American slave before slavery ended in 1865, it was the way they treated animals.Being abused themselves and could not retaliate, they retaliated on animals and live stock.It has been reported that they, mercilessly beat dogs and cattle, especially horses.This pattern of treatment, though greatly different, but eerilyContinue reading “The only way to defeat racism is with solidarity of minorities.”

America has had an Immigration problem for 528 years!

Education is power. Education puts you on right side of history.Why is there mass immigration to America? THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN MASS IMMIGRATION TO AMERICA. It started around 1492, when Columbus stumbled his butt to the “Americas”A great, pilgrimage, another for word for immigration, from Europe began.During the era called the “Golden Triangle”, started theContinue reading “America has had an Immigration problem for 528 years!”

Media giving Biden, The Super Negro Treatment.

Everyone acting like Biden had a lot of time to deal with immigration.He had his priorities. COVID-19, Economy, voting lies by Trump. An Impeachment and insurrection. Russian cyber attacks. (I believe Trump gave Russia access to US systems)Remember Trump left a mess and refused to allow a peaceful transition.Regarding immigration, he didn’t get full scopeContinue reading “Media giving Biden, The Super Negro Treatment.”


NOT F*CKING AROUND COALITION. (NFAC)A black self defense organization of black separatists and defenders of blacks against, White Supremacist. NOT WHITE PEOPLE, before some of y’all get it twisted.Believe it or not John Lewis was a member of Students for NonViolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) prenounced “Snick”.MLK had a fear that, Snick would turn into aContinue reading “NOT F*CKING AROUND COALITION! (NFAC)”

White Supremacy and 1980 Census.

Back in 1981, I was a young man raising a family, in Mid-City Los Angeles.I was going to college and working at the Veterans Administration. I was very political and a staunch Democrat and a vivid sports fan. Dodgers and Lakers and Rams.  I paid as much attention as I could to political news, asContinue reading “White Supremacy and 1980 Census.”

BE PATIENT?! You’re kidding, right?

When it comes to asking voters to be patient, regarding government bills and laws, it’s not going to work with black voters. In a broad scope, blacks believe tbey have been waiting 166 to 402 years depending on who you ask. Me personally, I have been waiting 57 years, I’m 68. Therefore $15 minimum wageContinue reading “BE PATIENT?! You’re kidding, right?”