Manchin and Sinema. Human Monkey Wrenches!

The old proverbial monkey wrench.

If monkey wrenches were human, their names would be Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema.

When a monkey wrench is dropped into the gears of a fine tuned machine, it will wreck the machine.

It’s misfortune if one is dropped accidentally, yet it is criminal when one is dropped on purpose.

Manchin and Sinema are the later.

The majority of Americans like what’s in the #BuildBackBetterBill (BBB) and the #VotingRightsAct. (VRA)

Joe Biden ran on those policies, and it was presumed Democrats in Washington DC, would support the president.

Unlike Republicans, Dems don’t fall in line, but it was also presumed, after reasonable debate, they could come to a compromise and do what was necessary to vote both bills into law.

BUT NOPE! It’s not going to happen.

Why? Because the Republican party and their billionaire benefactors, found two weak links in the Dems chain, and exploited them.

The reasons both refuse to support the legislation are illogical and doesn’t pass the smell test.

Joe Manchin is so full of 💩 the whites in his eyes are brown. He says he can’t support BBB bill because, he can’t “explain” it to the people in West Virginia.

Says the man who is afraid to have a townhall and voters have to talk to him, while he is on his yacht.


He can’t explain it to his rich corporate donors.

Kyrsten Sinema says she can’t support tweaking the Filibuster to pass VRA legislation. Her reason? She’s afraid Republicans will do the same, when they take over the Senate.


Either she is a complete idiot or getting paid a lot of money. Both are possible in my opinion.

What really ticks me off, not only is President Biden’s agenda in jeopardy, but democracy it self may be destroyed.

I know a lot of voters, especially black voters are tired of hearing “this is the most important election in history”, in an attempt to motivate them to vote.

But truth is truth. Every election cycle, the Republicans get more radical, racist, xenophobic and insane, it’s the truth.

In 2022 and 2024 these elections will determine if America is actually “WE THE PEOPLE” or the best country, Money can buy.




If I remember correctly, Donald Trump, was known as a international business man.

Traveling the world, trying to sell his brand, his name. Mostly on Hotels.

Since the 2020 election,  he mostly stays in Mar-a-lago.

There was a trip to, Switzerland he reported, just before his second Impeachment, but that was proven to be false, by USAToday and Reuters. The footage that was used to record his trip, was footage from a 2018 visit. Why the lie?

He’s traveled to a few rallies, here and there, but none outside the U.S..

One would wonder why he hasn’t gone to visit his buddy, Putin? Or his “friend” MSB of Saudi Arabia.

Is he afraid of something? Sick?

Or could it be alleged threats on his life by foreign nationals.

There were “reports”, rumors that Iran government or buisnessmen, threatened to get revenge for the assassination of, Gen. Qassim Suleimani.

Many fact checkers say it’s false. Yet, could it be enough to keep Trump at home?

I wish some prominent journalist would ask him, why he stays in America?

I’d really like to know.


King Richard is a very good movie.
It’s not about proverty, abuse, racism or trying to get out of prison.
It’s a story about a man who had a plan, that came to fruition.
I met him and his daughters in Compton on a small, out the way, tennis court on, Central and Alondra, next to Compton Airport.
I took my daughter, Shari Stamps was going to introduce her to tennis.
When we got there, two little girls around 6 or 7, were ballin.
So after I finished, I went to talk to him, because the little girls were exceptional.
He is an unforgettable person. In fact when I saw him, he looked like a wineo..😄. When he started to give the girls instruction I then realized he was, with them.
I walked over to him and acknowledged how phenomenal the girls were.
Trust me, he was a man with plans. He told me that day, his plan to get them to Wimbledon.
It’s funny how serendipity works. For a brief moment I was seeing future greatness before me.
Also my daughter Shari Stamps actually played tennis with Venus and Serena Williams. (Ps. She don’t remember it) 😄, but I’ll never forget

A License to Kill

It doesn’t escape me that Rittenhouse was found not quilty of murder and mayhem, at a protest over a black man, Jacob Blake, who was shot 7 times in the back because police “assumed” he was going for a gun, in his car.
Rittenhouse and cops who shot Blake, had same excuse.
It appears, if you’re white, it’s a license to kill card. The killer of Ahmaud Arbery is using the same defense as I type.

People of color know exactly who this plea resonates with. Racist second amendment enthusiast. In reality the second amendment has nothing to do with criminal gun cases. If I think my life is in danger, I can run someone down, to defend my life. I’m pretty sure second amendment has nothing to do with car ownership.

Yet in post after post, tweet after tweet, people are sighting second amendment in Rittenhouse case.

America is a racist country. It’s been proven over and over again. Because the judical system in America is racist.


Yes, if people vote in objective politicians, judges, and have a police force with objective officers.

It’s the only way America can be a true democracy.


There is a photo online of Kyle Rittenhouse, throwing up a white power sign at a Proud Boys event.
He’s about to be acquitted or given a slap on the wrist.
He drove to a protest, with an AR15, illegally obtained. Illegally in his possession, to hunt and kill protesters of George Floyd murder.
This is American Racism in full effect.
It doesn’t matter his victims are white. He is getting special treatment because he is white and supported by white supremacy.
I’m tired of explaining Racism.
Sometimes it’s like being in an Apple Orchard, and trying to convince someone, “No, there are no peaches it those trees”.
For that reason “Racial Equality” in America is a pipe dream.
Too many white people in denial of racism, or subtle supporters of the institution of racism.
Now with Magaism (equal to Nazism) growing in America, it’s gone from alarming to dangerous.

Biden Blindness

When Biden took office,
1% of Americans Vaccinated. Afghanistan 20 year war, where tax payer dollars went to die. 800,000 jobs lost. Stock was Ok at 2500 index. Last infrastructure bill was more than 25 years ago.
Today: 80% of Americans vaccinated. Afghanistan war ended. His policies has created 5.6 million jobs. Stocks reached all time high of 36,00+. We have infrastructure bill, with another one in process.
You know only thing Trump did in 4 years. Gave 2 trillion tax break to rich.
Give me a break!

Youngkin, Race baiter!

American Racism is in full effect in Virginia elections tomorrow.
The Republican party is swinging it like a bat, and their base is loving it.
Youngkin or Trumpkin as I like to call him, are playing the race card.
He is claiming he will stop, Critical Race Theory (CRT) from being taught in public schools.
Here’s the lie, CRT is not taught in public schools anywhere in America. It a post grad level class.
Republicans are saying, CRT, teaches white children to be ashamed because they are white.
They want certain books, like “Beloved”, written by a Nobel Prize winng author banned.
A woman claims her son, had nightmares after reading the book in school. (Hope he doesn’t play video games or watch movies, or read the bible).
Trumpkin is using the term “parents education rights” as his main reason for running.
It’s a racist dog whistle, because interview, after interview I’ve seen on TV of his supporters bring up Critical Race Theory, as their reason for supporting Youngkin.
Black Babyboomers know this playbook, very well. It’s anyone born after early 60’s, these racist tropes might seem new.
America is taking an ugly bend bsckwards.

Trickle Down 🐂💩!

Let’s talk Economics.

Walmart pays most of it’s employees minimum wage. $7.25
Walnart receives Billions in tax breaks along with billions in profits.
Instead of raising minimum wage standard in all states to $15, they pay out billions of dividends to their investors.
As a result a major portion of their employees can’ t afford, childcare and are forced to go on food stamps, to feed their children, because, childcare takes all the food money. So while Walmart and their investors make billions, tax payers have to help their employees eat.
From 1948 to 1979 wages and cost of living were inline with each other. Food shelter went up, wages went up to compensate.
Then in 1980 Reagan a Republican, was elected president and started his “Trickle Down” economics.
The middle class has been shrinking ever since.
In 1982 minimum wage was $4.25. Today it’s $7.25. $3 dollar increase in 39 years.
In 1982 I paid $200 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment. $76 for a car note, and $40 bought 5 bags of groceries.
Today I pay more than $1500 for 1 bedroom apt. $308 for car note and $40 will by me 8 big Macs!
“WHAT HAPPEN WAS” Trickle down economics was trickle down 🐂💩.
Every time Dems try and raise mimnimum wage Republicans call it “Socalism”. To help a family with child care, same thing. IT’S A LIE!
Dems are trying to help the common man. GOP are trying to help corporations.
This nation was built on slave labor.
Republicans and corporations are trying to keep it as close slave labor as they can get.
A honest wage, for an honest dollar isn’t socalism. It’s called being fair.


Fox News Anchor Tucker Carlson. Reminds me of Joseph Goebbels!
Goebbels convinced an entire nation, Germany, it had the right to exterminate Jews, as vermin.
Carlson Tucker has been on a tirade lately, spouting poisonous rhetoric, against diversity and “race mixing”.
In my opinion Carlson is dangerous. He knows the historic ramifications, of what he is saying.
So does Fox News and the companies who buy advertisements on his show.

Slipping into maddness; Donald J. Trump

Listening to the book “I alone can Fix it”.
About the slipping into maddness of Donald J. Trump.
This is the 5th book I’ve listen/read on this man.
Of all the previous books, this is the scariest.
When I compared him to Hitler I was wrong.
Hitler was a saint compared to this evil, cruel, ungodly, demonic individual.
Thank God for people like Milley, and Esper and even Chris Christie, who stopped the world from seeing just how right I am.