General Milley had to become a Diplomat!

In the Navy I learned in first hour of nuclear war with Russia, appx 300 million people would die immediately. 140 would be a Americans. Another 200 million would be dead in 30 days from radiation poison. Most of world would die from nuclear winter and starvation within 10 years.
Those were 1975 figures.
Today a war with China, triple those figures.
Because Trump lost election, the world was this close to atomic annihilation.


Because China was ready to go to war after January 6th.
Because the Diplomatic corps had been, decimated by Trump, the military had to negotiate peace.
That’s why General Milley did what he did, to save the planet and most of the human race.


How did Flight 93 really crash?

I know this is a controversial statement, but I still have a problem with #Flight93.
20 years ago I had valid evidence from photos, witnesses, I got online, in news reports, and newspaper clippings.
First let me say I don’t question the passengers trying to bring plane down. I believe that happened.
My major problem is the debris field.
Immediately there was a report of a missile trail in area of jet. Defense dept denies it.
Then came a question regarding debris field. The wreakage was scattered over a large area. More like an explosion in mid air. Not like a flight that was forced to the ground, or one that stalled due to lack of airspeed or power.
Would GW Bush give an order to shoot plane down?
I do know this. No matter the effort of the of the passengers, once that jet passed a certain threshold it was doomed. No way, it was going to be allowed to crash into White House. Every veteran knows what I’m talking about.
But who knows maybe terrorist set off a bomb, preplaned.
“Let’s Roll” is an endearing rally cry in American history.
I in no means wish to tarnish that legacy. But the truth is more important than the credibility of any President.

Insanity is in Charge of the GOP!

This is no joke!
The Republican party you knew under Obama no longer exist.
Since the election of the 🍊 piece of 💩, they have become darker and more dangerous than any other time since the Civil War.
Many of you don’t have the time to hang on to everything that’s going on.
I’ll help!
It’s no longer the GOP Politicians running the party. They are all puppets. The patients are now running the insane asylum.
They are mostly racist, Q-anon, gun toting, antivaxxers, anti-mask people, who believe, the last election was stolen and the people who stole it, are black and other people of color.
They believe diversity in America equals genocide of white people.
They are so full of rage and hate, they can’t differentiate the true from the false. A type of Mass Insanity.
Most of the Red states, states ran by Republicans,
right now they are literally replacing, moderate Republicans with hateful delusional Magaban terrorist.
You might think th
I’m being hyperbolic, well I WISH I WERE!!!
Take time now to find a news source, other than, facebook, twitter or youtube Fox News. At least once a week commit yourself to watching the news.
Learn about the, Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, the 3 percenters. They are all KKK without sheets.
Trump is their leader and he has one goal in mind.

Abortion Before Roe v Wade Risky Business

Envisioning The American Dream

Donald Trump Handmaids Tale

I came late to the game watching Handmaid’s Tale, having only recently begun binging it. A totalitarian society that strips away a woman’s physical autonomy and reproductive rights in the former United States originally seemed too darkly dystopian for my tastes.

But now it feels as if the storylines are no longer confined to HULU- it is streaming free in real life in real time on CNN and ABC, The N.Y. Times and the Daily Beast. A 12-year-old girl raped by her uncle must bear the child to term- “Hallelujah,  Praise God” – or face prison time. Or a doctor who performs an abortion on a rape victim could receive 99 years imprisonment, longer than the actual rapist’s sentence.

How can this be in 2018? Who knew this cautionary tale would be the gospel for Alabama senators, now the latest state to morph into Gideon.

This is more than…

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The end of safe abortions.

When I was around 13 a relative, who was around my age died. When I asked how, everyone was secretive about how it happened.
I do remember it had something to do with loss of blood and a hanger. By the time I was 16, from news reporting, I understood what had happened.
She had a botched abortion.
What happened in Texas will not stop women from getting an abortion.
I wonder today how many, women in my life are here today, because they had a safe difficult choice?
Along with COVID-19 deniers, the country that wiped out polio, small pox, came up with cures for syphilis, treatment for tuberculosis an AIDS, now is going backwards to 19th century approaches to science and medicine.
Before long America will be back to wearing leeches to cure disease.


I was watching MSNBC, The Rachel Maddow Show.

She was doing a segment on the, hospital crisis, re-emerging in America, because of the Covid Delta variant virus, particularly in Southern states.

In a video, a crowd had gathered around a doctor’s car in Tennessee, threating him, because the school board voted for a, mask mandate.

It immediately brought back images, of scenes during the civil rights movement during the 1960’s.

The vitriol, the enraged faces of hate, on each face, was frighteningly similar. Google any image from that period to compare.

It was then that I realized, it was HATE that motivates these people, and the issue is secondary.

Be it mask mandates, vaccines today, or racism and xenophobia or homosexuality in the past, it’s hate that fuels the rage.

View images of people at legitimate protest. The faces are determined, angry and demanding.

But rarely will one see the snarling, teeth wrenching, macabre faces that only hate can generate.

Many people have legitimate concerns, regarding vaccines and mask, but it is the hate fueled people that concern me.

Because fear and hate are nearly identical emotions, these people can be lead easily to violence.

It has always been a tool of authoritarianism, too create an army of “haters” to do their bidding.

Be it Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, or Idi Amin, or today Donald Trump, they use the haters to seek out and punish the “Others”.

GOP-Ticking Time Bomb!

There is a large segment of the Republican party, who have facist views. The best example of a facist government is Nazi Germany, 1933-1945. As a result of policies behind a crazed maniacal man, it resulted in the death of 50 MILLION people world wide, about 20 million killed in murder camps, which consisted of Jews and other minorty groups, gay’s among them.
I listen and read news daily. I have studied history about 60 years.
The trend I see in the Republican party is horrifying. Their leader, Trump is reported to say “Hitler did a lot of good things”. No one is surprised.
The GOP are creating laws, to make it possible, to OVERTURN, elections in states they control.
Their representatives in congress are dismantling government and Congressional rules to make it easy to return Trump to power! If that happens GOD HELP US ALL!!
The only defense is a well informed electorate that will truly understand the difference between a party of HATE and a party that believes in the rule of law.

Jim Crow is Jim Crow!

It use to trip me out, when people couldn’t tell Superman and Clark Kent are the same person.
I am old enough to have seen Jim Crow. I was part of protest at age 12.
I was affected by Jim Crow Brown v The Board of Ed.
White Supremacist went from being Southern Democrats to Republican core. The only difference between Jim Crow voting laws and current voting laws, is in 1960 they weren’t trying to hide the fact they were targeting black voters.
In 2021 they don’t make reference to race, they say they are trying to suppress “Democrats”, whose core constituents are black.
All they did is put “Eye Glasses” on the laws and hope no one will see
they are the same.

A digusting truth about Tulsa massacre.

Google image

My great grandmother Ronsie, had a chest in which she kept, historic family items. When I was 10, I once sneaked in in the chest and looked at some items.

One of the items horrified me.

It was news clippings that had photos of butchered children.

I asked my father about clippings and he told me about Rosewood and Tulsa massacres. Many years later, I discovered a dreadful truth about white privilege.

I often heard, ” Black people should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps”. It would be respected.


The Black people of Tulsa, Black Wall Street, did just that. The result was a massacre that involved an aerial assault.

Back then and now, white people were told, “No matter how bad off they were, they were better off than niggers”

Black Wall Street exposed a truth, poor whites couldn’t tolerate. Here stood a vibrant, successful community, with banks, businesses, beautiful homes. That was not supposed to be. So angry, jealous whites, destroyed what blacks built by pulling up their “bootstraps”.

One hundred years later nothing has changed. Right now as I type, Republicans are creating laws to take voting rights back 50 years. The wealth gap between whites and blacks is staggering.

Less than 20 years after civil rights; under Ronald Reagan, progress blacks made was torn asunder.

Upward mobility and affirmative action gone. Then came the crack epidemic.


This was due to the 1998 crime bill.

Before I end this rant, I want to applaud the Red Cross. After the Tulsa massacre ended, they were the only organization willing to go in and give first aid, food and blankets to blacks. They also set up a safety zone for blacks and gave names to authorities of suspected murders.