I don’t care what Lizz Cheney stands for politically. She deserves the Profile In Courage Award.

There is a Cold Civil War in America. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It’s about lovers of the Constitution and Autocracy. PERIOD.

Cheney represents the GOP I grew up with.

Conservative, with a genuine belief in law and the Constitution. Yes, racially tone deaf, and will weaponize rules to bend the law, to achieve their goals.

Except for genuine belief in Constitution, I resisted the rest.

Yet, I never thought for a moment that any of Conservative or Libertarian would upend our constitutional form of government.

The base of the Republican Party are, either bat shit crazy loons, or political opportunist, power hungry white supremacists, or all of the above.

One thing is for sure, they all follow Trump.

They can’t have control of our form of government.

I feel if they do, they will make Nazi Germany look pale in comparison.


Yes the 16 year old Ma’Khia Bryant a knife. The cop is probably not going to be prosecuted.
My problem is the quickness cops, kill black people.
He probably had 10 things he could have done, to avoid deadly force. One was not to rush into incident without getting a clear picture of the situation.
Use of taser, pepper spray, talk her down.
Instead he put himself in harm’s way, said “stay down”, then pop, pop, pop, pop.
If he had done a dog like that, millennials would cause a riot.
I have seen many videos, where white people, have fought police, had guns shot off their car. One guy fought two cops, tased one, and drove off in police car. He’s still alive.
Why is it blacks are given 3 seconds before they are dead?
If it’s not equal justice, it’s not Justice. It’s racist.

“Special preference offsets the balance of equality” Andre Bulter

The only way to defeat racism is with solidarity of minorities.

History lesson.
If there is a blight on the American slave before slavery ended in 1865, it was the way they treated animals.
Being abused themselves and could not retaliate, they retaliated on animals and live stock.
It has been reported that they, mercilessly beat dogs and cattle, especially horses.
This pattern of treatment, though greatly different, but eerily similar, is the way some blacks of today, view and treat other minorities.
They dislike Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and it’s vice versa.
All minorities must understand that this is what, racist people, in America want.
They want all minorities fighting and hating each other.
It’s no mistake that Asians, East Indian, Muslim, stores businesses end up in black neighborhoods.
It will take another writing, for me to explain, but just trust me on this, this is what racist want.
In foreign countries the movies they see, are about black, are about Black gangsters.
In America All Blacks see on the news is wars against Asians and Muslims. They are the enemy.
So is anyone surprised, when all of a sudden all these people are grouped together and in black neighborhoods, that there are issues?
It All Began under Ronald Reagan’s opportunity zones.
He bragged about how he increased minority businesses, but he didn’t mention that none of these minorities were black.
Again I repeat the only way to defeat racism, is with solidarity.
It’s the only way institutional racism can be torn asunder.

America has had an Immigration problem for 528 years!

Education is power. Education puts you on right side of history.
Why is there mass immigration to America?


It started around 1492, when Columbus stumbled his butt to the “Americas”
A great, pilgrimage, another for word for immigration, from Europe began.
During the era called the “Golden Triangle”, started the forced immigration of slaves.
Roughly from 1619 force immigration began to colonial America.
For nearly 243 years, America flourished as a result of free labor.
Then came a nasty little thing called, The America Civil War. It eneded slavery.
Then the American Industrial era began and an increase of immigration from Europe and Asia, began.
Meanwhile down south, share cropping and 13th Amendment, provided free to cheap labor to cotton other agricultural industries.
Then White Supremacist started to have “Picnic” lynchings.
That caused a great migration of blacks, from Southern to northeren and Midwest states.
That left the South in a crisis. Southern whites were not going to work for nearly “slave wages”, and plantation owners weren’t going to budge.
Now comes the impact of of Mexico/American War of 1846.
Mexico had never recovered from the land grab war. The entire government and economy was disrupted and some say, has not recovered to this day.
Thus began a mass migration from Mexico and Central America to work for cheap, cheap labor.
Up until 1980 census there was no problem. Except for treatment of migrarant workers. 1980 census, the white population, grew at a lower rate than any other race, from 1970 to 1980. White population dropped 4.5%, Hispanics grew 14% and blacks grew by .7%.
The blame for reduction in white population was blamed on, abortion, homosexuality and “race mixing” and immigration.
As far as my people are concerned, they need to lighten up on pre-Columbian navtives south of the border. They are victims of America’s major population and their addiction to free or cheap labor.
When it comes to America and race. NOTHING IS A COINCIDENCE!

Media giving Biden, The Super Negro Treatment.

Everyone acting like Biden had a lot of time to deal with immigration.
He had his priorities. COVID-19, Economy, voting lies by Trump. An Impeachment and insurrection. Russian cyber attacks. (I believe Trump gave Russia access to US systems)
Remember Trump left a mess and refused to allow a peaceful transition.
Regarding immigration, he didn’t get full scope until 1/20/2021. Not to mention GOP haters, blocking or slowing down his appointments.
Biden, must be black, because he getting the “Super Negro” treatment.
Unreasonable high expectations.


A black self defense organization of black separatists and defenders of blacks against, White Supremacist. NOT WHITE PEOPLE, before some of y’all get it twisted.
Believe it or not John Lewis was a member of Students for NonViolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) prenounced “Snick”.
MLK had a fear that, Snick would turn into a faction like the Black Panther Party. Because young members of King’s foundation was getting tired of being beat up. Including Lewis.
After MLK’s assassination, Sncc broke off from Southern Christian Leadership Conference. (SCLC).
Under the leadership of Stokely Carmichael.
The members of NFAC, aren’t gang members. They are black, middle class and professionals.
They are calling for a Separate nation for American Blacks.
Would that be such a strange desire, since Intergration has failed so miserably?
Blacks in America can never fully integrate as long as neighborhoods are segregated. After more than 50 years of observation, that ain’t going to happen no time soon.
I support NFAC as long as their mission includes self defense only.

White Supremacy and 1980 Census.

Back in 1981, I was a young man raising a family, in Mid-City Los Angeles.
I was going to college and working at the Veterans Administration. I was very political and a staunch Democrat and a vivid sports fan. Dodgers and Lakers and Rams.  I paid as much attention as I could to political news, as a person in their late 20’s could. I had a system to pay attention to news that was important. When Tom Brokaw had a serious worried face something was up.
 In this case it was the results of the 1980 census.    For the first time in U.S. History, The White Race in America grew slower than any other race.

These are the differences in the  growth rates from 1970 to 1980 that I was able to research on Google.
White Race went from 87.5% in 1970 to 83.1% in 1980. Down 4.4 percent

                                                               (Google image)African Americans went from 11.1% in 1970 to 11.7% Up .6%

                                                                (Google Image)
Hispanics went from 9.6% in 1970 to 14.6% in 1980 Up 5%

                                                              (Google Image)
     Judging by the coverage after the census was reported, The Right went crazy.

I began to hear from other sources including radio and TV talk shows, various reasons for the decline.

1. Abortions

2. Homosexuality

 3. Biracial marriage

4. Immigration

Same issues today.

 There was a study that came out that stated, If the trend was to continue, by 2080 the White Race would be the minority race.     Immediately, Abortion and Homosexuality went on all White Supremacist hate list along with race. Abortions killed white babies and homosexuals didn’t produce white babies. The Immigrants, particularity Hispanics, would out breed Whites and Interracial unions did not produce pure White children. This was their major hate filled complaints.

      I began to unconsciously keep mental tabs on the actions of the Republican party and far right over the years. The progression was obvious.
They began to have problems because of the racist aspects of their concerns. Being connected to White Supremacist was politically incorrect.
     This is when the moral majority and religious right got involved. They deemed Abortions and homosexuality as abominations to God. That gave the Republican party the license to politically oppose abortions under the guise of Pro-life when in reality their motivation was preserve the white majority in America.
Enforce the immigration laws to slow the tide of immigration from the southern borders.
Create statements and religious right arguments against Gay marriage.

I began to hear liberals and progressives wonder out loud,

Truth is they are not full of hate, they are full of fear.
Many whites particularly in the fly over states feel like they are in a fight for survival. They actually feel like they are in a war. They are in the Circle Wagon Syndrome. Us against the others.

   (Google Image)
The straw that broke the camel’s back was the election of Barrack Obama.
He represented all their fears come to fruition.
So when you hear a Republican say, ” You need to understand the motivations of the Rust Belt”
I’d bet a dollar to donut. This is what they mean.

This is what Steve Bannon means when he says, ““The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”  “


Jim Crow is back.

(google image)


Republicans don’t want black people to vote. There is a law in Georgia, that will make it a crime to give people, water or food, To people who wait in long lines to vote, engineered by racist voting practices.
There are 250 bills being considered in 29 states to make it harder for blacks to vote.
To babyboomers, this is nothing new. To generation X blacks and millennials, it is new.
This is what happens when, a people get complacent regarding voting rights.
Republican party is 97% white. They are in power in those 29 states.
A new call to rally against them at the polls is necessary. This time aggressive voting action against them may, remove them from power, FOREVER.

BE PATIENT?! You’re kidding, right?

When it comes to asking voters to be patient, regarding government bills and laws, it’s not going to work with black voters.

In a broad scope, blacks believe tbey have been waiting 166 to 402 years depending on who you ask. Me personally, I have been waiting 57 years, I’m 68.

Therefore $15 minimum wage and voting rights must be number one and two priorities for Biden administration and Democrat leaders.

Voting rights actually must be number one. Red states already making it hard for blacks to vote. Forget about young people and older voters, they are collateral damage. Blacks are the primary target.

In 2012 a Philadelphia RNC chair, said as much. All they needed was to restrict “5%” of black vote to give Mitt Romney the election. Hillary lost 6 pts of black voters in 2016 than voted in 2012.

I have mixed feelings about Clinton being a bad campaigner. I think GOP was successful in killing off 4.4 million black votes in 2016.

Joe Biden during his inaugural address, promised black voters he had their back

In black culture there is an old saying. “Money talks bullsh*t walks”s

It’s kitchen table with blacks. Not any loafty service provided in our neighborhoods or blaming GOP.

Blacks by necessity are very intelligent voters. We know Dems have the power.

They are not goibg to buy, “We can’t be as ruthless as GOP.

There will be a resounding “why not?” That’s why we, under enormous obstacles, help give you the presidency, House of Representatives and Senate.

Not to mention the filibuster was used to fight civil rights.

Play with black voters if you want too. Their patience is pas thin. I know mine is!

Civil War declared 1/6/21

Did you know War was declared on the United States? It was declared on January 6th 2021?

It doesn’t seem like war was declared, because the person and people who declared the war are United States citizens.

It doesn’t feel like  civil war, was declared, because unlike the 1st American Civil War, the person who declared war against the United States was not the president of the United States. 

In every other area that constitutes criteria for declaring war on a country, it fits.

Right now before ours very eyes, gorilla war is being waged against people in Congress and citizens. Supported by neo-Confederates in Congress! 

Are Americans really that stupid?

We have stepped in shit and call it mud.

It continues to date. The GOP polliticans, still won’t say Joe Biden was legitimately elected President.