Civil War declared 1/6/21

Did you know War was declared on the United States? It was declared on January 6th 2021?

It doesn’t seem like war was declared, because the person and people who declared the war are United States citizens.

It doesn’t feel like  civil war, was declared, because unlike the 1st American Civil War, the person who declared war against the United States was not the president of the United States. 

In every other area that constitutes criteria for declaring war on a country, it fits.

Right now before ours very eyes, gorilla war is being waged against people in Congress and citizens. Supported by neo-Confederates in Congress! 

Are Americans really that stupid?

We have stepped in shit and call it mud.

It continues to date. The GOP polliticans, still won’t say Joe Biden was legitimately elected President.



Evil’s goal is to confuse mankind.

So they can’t differentiate the truth from the false. If there’s one truth there should be only one faith. 

Fortunately there are many paths to the truth.

Keep seeking, remain honest, don’t lie to, cheat, steal from or harm others.

When the spirit finds the truth it will know.

Stand on that truth and you will have peace. 


Who am I?

My name is Gordon Eric Marble.

I give perspective from a black grandpa’s point of view.

I am your average black, babyboomer male, American citizen. Back in the seventies and eighties I was a photo journalist papa razzi. I covered the “Chitlin circuit” in Los Angeles.

I have seen first man in space man in space, an American President assassinated and many others. Two urban riots, Watts, Los Angeles. Man walk on moon. Several wars. First black President. Gay marriage Creation of the Internet. Smart phones, TVs. Electric cars. Donald Trump a president. A pandemic. A man made destruction of the climate.

I have never been to Prison. Navy veteran during Vietnam, with a spooky background. Urban street survivor. Black militant, Jr College grad. Parent, grandparent, and recovering alcoholic. Did a lot of Federal Service work.

IQ 141, general knowledge, off the scale. Mom bought me a complete set of Encyclopaedia at age 12. Read every volume by age 16.

Most white people are surprised when they meet, especially when I say, I’m Straight out of Compton!

I hear, “You’re different from other blacks.” It’s because I don’t fit the profile, of news media black, or blacks stereotype in movies and TV and commercials. The fact that I have never been to prison really raises eyebrows, That really pisses me off.

The truth is I am a typical black man. I see my type all the time. Because most of my black relationships are not through some media. They are face-to-face contact, face-to-face and one on one conversations. My friends and my family, My associates and fellowship.

I believe in God but I am not religious. Science is evidently truth.

I am honest and straight forward. I’ll take a chance on losing a friendship to tell person in truth.

The only thing that truly separates people, is “class”. There are people with class and people without.

Also believe that if you throw a rock in a field with dogs, the one that yelps gets hit. It’s the same dynamic, when someone gets angry over my opinion, and they yelp, they probably got hit.

Volume paying on racism is simple. I really don’t care if a individual dislikes me because of the color of my skin. As long as they are not a judge, DA, law enforcement, politician, employer, Doctor, Pharmacist, Educator or cook.

Unlike other people I like opinions. I can hear them or read them but I don’t have to accept except them.

Met a lot of interesting people in mynit life. Some famous, some not.

Well that’s the basic.

One more thing. I reserach and verify what I post.