There is a photo online of Kyle Rittenhouse, throwing up a white power sign at a Proud Boys event.
He’s about to be acquitted or given a slap on the wrist.
He drove to a protest, with an AR15, illegally obtained. Illegally in his possession, to hunt and kill protesters of George Floyd murder.
This is American Racism in full effect.
It doesn’t matter his victims are white. He is getting special treatment because he is white and supported by white supremacy.
I’m tired of explaining Racism.
Sometimes it’s like being in an Apple Orchard, and trying to convince someone, “No, there are no peaches it those trees”.
For that reason “Racial Equality” in America is a pipe dream.
Too many white people in denial of racism, or subtle supporters of the institution of racism.
Now with Magaism (equal to Nazism) growing in America, it’s gone from alarming to dangerous.

Published by marblesmind

Freelance journalist, Studied journalism at LACC. Former Member of Los Angeles Press Club. 1975. 6 year Navy Vet, during Vietnam. Last 3 years Naval Intelligence unit.

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